Thrift store shopping can be great fun, but unfortunately there are some drawbacks. Some thrift stores are sponsors for charitable organizations and the staff are usually volunteers which sometimes mean that you are dealing with someone with little or no retail experience; this can be frustrating, but it is the trade-off you pay when you get great deals, and the folks are usually very friendly and willing to help. There is little training for most volunteer positions and many small shops lack a standard operating procedure. so it can be difficult to do business when you have a problem with a transaction or if you want more information. These issues should not keep you away from your local church or charity thrift shop, but you should be aware of the limitations.
Large organizations, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army, spend a great amount of time and expense when it comes to their employee training programs. There are also posted policies when it comes to returns, discounts or corporate information. It is much easier to shop when the employees have a sense of direction and there is a manager on duty.